Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Argan Oil, Hair care and tips!

Argan Oil Of Morocco & My Hair Care Routine!

After being recommend Argan Oil for my hair many times, I decided I should purchase it. My hair is very dry at the ends, and has a tendency to get split ends often. My friend and hairdresser recommended it to me, and said it would really benefit my type of hair. It's meant to restore your hair, whilst making it shiny, soft and also strengthening it. I looked  for it for ages, but everywhere I looked it seemed to be too expensive- considering it was just a small bottle. In the end I got it from Superdrug  (Click to go check it out) It was less expensive than other place where it was about £6-£10. Or click HERE for American prices ($). 

So far I have been very impressed by it and it has seemed to of reduced split ends. I would really recommend it if you have weak, flat (if "flat" makes sense) hair. Your supposed to massage it into your hair and out to the tips of your hair, whilst your hair is damp. I usually do it when my hair is dry and it still gives a good effect. 

I have recently been trying to grow my hair longer, I have been washing my hair every other day, I know it's best you wash your hair as little as often, but my hair tends to get greasy really quick. I normally use Palmolive natural 2 in 1 hydra balance (fewf!) I think it is dutch so I could only find the euros price, but I got mine in home bargains for about £3, but you can probably get it in places like Boots, Superdrug etc. I sometimes also use Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo (about £2, or , it has a really nice smell and leaves your hair very fluffy. To condition I use the Bee strong conditioner/Tresemm√© conditioner. Both are very good, I prefer the herbal essence one though. I wash my hair before I go to bed so I don't have to use any heat on my hair (Heat is bad, naughty heat.) Then I put on some Argan Oil and plait/braid my hair then go to sleep with towel dried hair. I makes my hair irresistible!;)

What's Your hair care routine?

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Temple Run Review!

Temple run Review

Recently I downloaded temple run on my kindle fire HD. It was highly recommended and all the ratings were good, once more it was free! So I thought i'd give it a go. I think it's very entertaining and enjoyable, especially as it has 'objectives' that you need to achieve, this gives you a point to actually play it. The graphics are very good, and it hasn't freezed once, which is surprising considering how fast it is. I think the only downside is that the obstacles are much the same, it just gets faster. I think to make it better they should put a variety of sceneries and obstacles. Apart from those minor details I think its a great game, takes a while to get used it and good at, unless your a natural. 

I thought temple run was such a good game, I decided it was worth it downloading temple run 2, the squeal to temple run. It has alot more characters to choose from and alot more power ups, but I find it is harder to get the money (coins, game play money) to buy the characters. Temple run 2 has levels, so they more points and objectives you achieve the more you level up. I really like this feature because it gives you something to aim for. You have 3 objectives that you need to achieve, once you achieve one it swaps it with another new objective to achieve. The actual game is very exciting, it has lots more obstacles and a wider variety of obstacles too. It also has zip wires! The graphics are good, and it does not freeze. But I do think it is slightly slower when turning corners, you swipe to turn the corner and you think your gonna fall of the edge but it turns just before. It also has rivers which you float down and avoid fallen trees and rocks (I find this quite tricky, it is quite fast) And it also has a mine, where your character is in a mine crate thingy-majig and there a several dead ends which you have to swipe and avoid.

I think temple run 2 is alot more exciting, but it is also alot harder, if your not very good at this sort of stuff then I recommend temple run first. 

It is downloadable on any apple device and kindles, but not it's not compatible with android devices:-( However I think they are working on this, so keep checking. It works fine on my kindle fire, however I think on a smaller device, it is a bit too small to see, but that's just my opinion, it still works fine.


TEMPLE RUN 2: 8.5/10

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Monday, December 16, 2013



Today, I was such a good girl I got a pack of jelly beans for my amazing poster which I did (all by myself) about the Government :/ But I didn't win any old pack of jelly beans I won a 'Gourmet' pack. Boom.

The pack of Jelly beans has entertained me. I would say about 80% of the jelly beans in the pack are absolutely GROSS EW DISGUSTING HORRID, like living hell almost. But there are some really nice ones. And it is worth buying a pack defiantly because then you can give the horrid ones to your friends and watch them spit it out.

The first time I had one of the brown ones it was so horrid I had to spit it out into my lunch box all over my banana whilst everyone was staring at my spit dangling into my lunch box. (Sorry you had to read that) So now I cherish the brown ones because it a lovely joke to say "Oh no they taste of chocolate, nothing to worry about my love" then its the most funniest thing watching them go spit it out. I even managed to force my mum to have one of the cinnamon ones (EWWWWWW) and she had to go to the toilet. Now i'm saving it for when my lovely brother gets back so I can squish it into his jacket potato and he can taste the lovely sensation of loveliness.

If you ever get a pack of jelly beans, you're day is going to be GREAT.


Sunday, December 15, 2013


Just a quick little blog today, because I found a really cool website that you take a photo of yourself then you can change your hair etc to try out different styles and see if you like it! You can change your hair, and put on foundation (it even tells you wear to buy the foundation from and how much money it is $) You can also put on lipstick too.

I'm hopefully getting my hair dip dyed soon (before Xmas) So this website was really helpful to see what I might look like, there are probably alot more websites like this one but here's the one I tried!

I would really recommend it, it doesn't take long, just choosing which hairstyles you want to try on!

Ended up like this:D

Friday, December 13, 2013



Tomorrow me and 6 other friends are going paint-balling! I'm looking forward to it, just slightly nervous as I've played lazer tag and I'm a terrible shot. I have done some research on ways to be good at it but made the mistake of googling "has anyone ever died from paint balling" and image searching "paintball injures" (oops.) 

I've figured out as soon as I get into the 'arena' i'm going to pretend i'm in the Hunger Games. Watch out guys, I'm gonna be viscous.

Any tips on paint balling? What to wear? E.t.c (hopefully all the gear should be provided for us there)
I'll let you know what happens:-)


We got up at 8am to go to the paintballing, I was SO excited but the nerves kicked in when we arrived and I saw all the 'tough' looking guys eyeing everyone up and planning tatics. We bought our bullets (£80 for 1000!) and then chose our team colour (red!) We had a long long long breifing by the guys, telling us not to remove our helmets etc... 
After that we all qued up in our body gear to get our guns.(I rekon the guns were bigger than some of the other little kids playing) We walked down to the area where we would play (well actually we slided down to the area, as it was SO SO boggy, almost up to your knees!) After another short breifing, mainly about our helmets being kept on at all times again, we began. 

The whistle blew and off we went.

I tried to stick to my group but gave up as I wanted to survive myself. I was eventully the last man standing with 2 other blues (1 had no bullets though) and one other red. I stayed down and shot the guy right in the head. BOOM. 

Then next game involved a terminaor. He was a guy who wore a skeleton hat and came round and shot you, if you were brave enough to shoot him then you would get one of his cool guns. He was the scariest thing ever. But my friend got the gun :D I did get shot onec in this game because a guy on my team had just got shot and he told me to go and shoot the guy who shot him, I aimed and fired and it went straight past his head, he turned round and shot me, luckily it wasn't too bad. D: 

And our last game involved a castle, there were the blues who were the attackers and us (reds) who were the defenders, the blues had to go capture the flag while we tried to stop them from the castle. It was so much fun hiding behind the walls of the castle then poking your head up and shooting them and paint splattering over the side of the castle. The only problem is all the biys on our team thought I was a boy because of my helmet so they kept coming up to me and going, "alright mate? Is the game over yet?" I just went "ummmmm" :D 

At the end the man said we were the best he's seen that day, and we were far better than the boys. Hell yeah.

After running round in ridiculous suites, tripping of overalls, wallowing in mud, being splattered in paint, getting roasted like a turkey and trying to survive the terminator, I think it was one of the best days of my life.


I'm the sexy one on the right next to the terminator

Monday, December 9, 2013

Things that are bad for me.

Not Good.

I thought i'd discuss things that are bad for me but I can't help but do anyway! 

Firstly, too much Youtube, I think I spend roughly 3 hours a day on Youtube, yeah. I try to force myself to stop but then I start to watch one little video thinking "ah only this one" then there's a link to another video and I just HAVE to watch it! My Mum says my eyes will go square, but then i'd probably become famous if they did for being 'The first girl with square eyes' so I don't see how that's a bad thing. Anyway.

Secondly, food. I love food, I have a healthy lunchbox.(Which I do not pack, other wise it wouldn't be healthy ey) So that means at school everyone's like "Aw your so healthy" and i'm there like "thank you thank you, yes, I am." But what they don't know is that as soon as I get home I can stuff my face with junk because I feel so good about myself for being healthy throughout the day:D I'll literally eat anything I can find.Kind of. Depends actually.

Thirdly, my laptop. Laptops are probably my worst. Not only am I hugely unsociable when I have my laptop but when I've been on it for too long I go into a sort of zone, where if anyone comes to talk to me I get really really angry, and usually end up arguing with them, just because NO ONE CAN DISTURB ME when i'm in laptop zone. I get evil.

Fourthly, Thursdays. Yes, Thursdays not the classic "Monday" because I actually LOVE MONDAYS they always seem to go right for me, but Thursdays just get in the way of Fridays and I am always very grumpy. I'm not quite sure what it is but there you go.

Fifthly, my friends. I figured if I wasn't talking to my friends (texting) then I would totally get to bed 100% earlier, I always feel as if I don't want to leave them hangin' so I have to wait till they reply, which means I spend hours lying there waiting. ("Hours" was a bit of an exaggeration, I'm not that patient, really only a few minutes, shh) 

Sixth-ly (Is sixth-ly even something?) Instagram, I usually get so bored and desperate for someone to like my photos or follow me that I just sort of sit there pressing the 'refresh' button until something happens (You don't realise how sad that really is until you type it, hmm) I think this would be a great time to tell you to follow me too (sly) Boom. @_hanbanana

Seventhly, Revision. I recently posted a blog on 'GOOD WAYS TO REVISE' Because i've never been good at it. (That doesn't really make sense, but check it out anyway) I think revision is bad for me personally because I have a brain like a peanut, and I just forget it by the next day anyway so might as well not waste my time and eat instead. (I'm making myself out as if i'm a really big eater, I don't actually eat that much)

I could go on forever but, I can't.
Hope you enjoyed this! Please leave comments about things that are bad for you! I'd really love to hear from you, because i'm lonely?
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Going For A Little Stroll

Come On a Stroll With Us!

Today we went on a little walk around the area I thought i'd share with you my photos, so you can have a sneek peek into my life. In advance I am very sorry for some of the embarrasingly bad photography, but ey, here goes:) Enjoy!

And that was our little stroll, all photos taken by me, camera used is Panasonic Lumix LZ20. Have a nice day! Feel free to use any of these photos, please give credit :-)

Some Of My Unluckiest Moments

Being Unlucky

I thought after finding a four leaf clover I would be lucky for life, turns out that they don't help you at all. So here I thought I would tell you some of my truly unlucky moments in life.

Unlucky Moment number 1: It was about 7am I was in bed, just snoozing away, and then I heard a massive "CLONCK, CHING, PING" I lifted my head up, looked around the room (looking like a zombie) then I went back to sleep.-_- A few hours later (9am) I wake up, step out of bed, and realise that all around me chocolate all over my practically white carpet, and my cat sat next to it licking her paws. I had to spend the rest of my morning scrubbing the floor of gone off hot chocolate (it had been there for about 4 days) I did try to blame it on the cat but NO they said it was all my fault. I did go a whole morning trying to ignore the bundle of fluff but she was just too cute so it didn't last! Here's a cheeky little picture of her. (She would not stay still so I had to hold her up to the camera, please note I am not torturing her in any way. I still don't think we got her best side here.)

Unlucky Moment Number 2:  It was on my party (10th) We were all on the trampoline (about 5 of us) and we were all doing front rolls, yes, just normal front rolls. But I said "Oh front rolls are so boring i'm going do a flip" they were outstanded by what I had said so there I was all pleased with myself like 'look at me, look at me yeah flips boosh, suckers' but then a I was trying to do it my leg came up to my face and wacked me in the nose, and I winded myself -_- Great! And there I was for the rest of my party all in a grump because they were laughing at me. 

Unlucky Moment Number 3:The window in my bedroom overlooks our garden and part of next doors. One day I was just sat on my bed, as you do and I hear loads of noise and music and voices from next door, so I get up to look out the window, I see them all having wine and other adulty drinks, I sort of look at them for a while until one of the girls looks straight at me, I didn't think she was looking at me until she pokes the person next to her and then points at me, all of a sudden all the people are staring at me. I run off.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How To Revise Effectively!

How To Revise!

When it comes to revision I've always been terrible at it. I just never saw the point in it, i usually ended up just doodling instead. (tut tut) A few weeks back, after much persuasion from Mum, I ended up going to a 'How to revise evening' it lasted 2 hours. D: However I did learn a few things that have really helped me, so I thought i'd share them with youuuuuuuuu! 

Tip #1

As cringey as it may sound I reckon that if you record yourself saying the useful facts you need to know and then popping your headphones in and walking round the house listening to it on repeat really helps you to remember it. And you don't have to do much work either or writing....

Tip #2

Grab a huge, huge it of paper. (The bigger the more fun) Just mind map all the things you need to know on to it, do it in colour pens for each different subject, draw plenty of pictures and diagrams and then stick it on your wall next to your bed. Simple. Every time you go to bed just look at a different bit each night.

Tip #3

Draw pictures for everything you write! Pictures help you to remember things (Proven:}) The more pictures the more likely you are to remember it. Yay.

Tip #4

Acting out each topic with your friends, this is fun and will really help you remember the important facts.

Tip #5

Make a powerpoint on the subject then present it to your family, pretend your a teacher, they're learn lots and you're be able to remember it easier, and if there's any questions they ask and you don't know the answer of it then you know what you need to find out.

Tip #6

Stick post-it-notes around your house in places you normally go (e.g. Mirror in the bathroom, on the tv) and then just read them through every time you go past them :}

I hope that my tips could help you! :-) If there's any other good ways of revising then comment them below?:) And perhaps follow me Instagram? @_hanbanana


Monday, December 2, 2013

What does it mean to be popular?

Being Popular

I'm not completely sure what 'being popular' really means. Does it mean your friends with everyone? Well then no one can say they're popular. Does being unpopular mean you have no friends? It's quite complicated really. Everyone has at least one friend, even if you don't think you do, there are lots of people who care about you, and are your friend, without you even knowing. (If that makes sense?:/) 

I've never really thought about being 'popular' because well, I have friends so I don't care who knows me and who doesn't. When you really think about it, is popular a good thing? I mean you don't get noticed by people until you've done something wrong.

The definition of popular is 'Be liked or admired by many people' but if you have alot of friends, you also have alot of enemies. So by having a few true friends, you have no enemies. 

Think about all the people you class as popular, what are they like are they attention seeking? Or are they actually really kind?

Everyone who is popular has done something to get there, and it is almost never always a good thing they've done.

If you want to be popular, here's my tip to you:

You don't get noticed until you've done something wrong.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to lie like a pro.

Lies, Lies and lies

I think everyone's lied at least once in they're life. Here I am going to share with you.... some good lies, and ways to get out of things, as I consider myself a pro at this, even though it never really works out how I want. So here are my 'professional' tips on How To Lie Like A Pro.

Step 1

Always plan it out in your head. Make sure you know exactly what to say, you don't want to hesitate with your words else they're know your lying. 

Step 2

Getting out of things you don't want to go to.
Phone the person up (always easier to lie on the phone) and say this: *ring ring ring ring* "Hello, it's ______, I am phoning about later on, I don't think i'll be able to make it I have a really bad headache, and i'm like almost dying it's that bad, it's such a shame I would have loved to come, but yeah, thanks bye!"
Now the trick with that is, if you don't stop just say it all very quickly then hangup they have no chance to speak so they cannot argue back, plus it saves time. 

Step 3

Now you know how to get out of things (via phone) You will need to learn how to get out of things face-to-face. When your lying face-to-face, facial expressions are crucial. So before you go out to lie practice at home your facial expressions, especially practice your thinking face, make it look con-vincible, because if you get stuck with things to say when your lying, they're just think you've forgotten what you were gonna say.

Step 4

Once you've mastered faces, your all ready to go. When your speaking do not hesitate at all, make  sure the person your lying to has no time to speak, then it will all be fine:-) At the end just say, "sorry, need to go to the toilet." and walk off, simples.
(If there's no toilets around, go hide behind a bush or something)

Step 5

Lying about an object that's really important, and you've lost it. 
Now this a pretty difficult one I would say on the scale of tricky lies a 8/10, but no need to worry.
Now say you've lost a key, you're parents have no idea, until they look for the key, they then go: "Have you seen the keys sweetie-pie?" You then say *with a surprised expression on your face* "No? Why?" They then say, "Well, I can't find them anywhere!" You go (again surprised face) "Let me help you find them." They will then say,"Aw how mature of you, your so nice!"
And there never know it was you, eventually they cant find the key anywhere they go get  new key cut, and everything is fine and they have no idea it was you. 
As you can see this involves all the expert tricks of lying, so i suggest you try to avoid this at all costs.

Step 6

Lying to stop yourself getting embarrassed.
I'm sure alot of people do this, its just natural to protect yourself from embarrassment. Now an important trick is to practice not going red. I'm not sure how you 'practice not going red' but i'm sure Google can tell you.
Once you've mastered that your ready. Here's a possible scenario: Your friend comes up to you and goes: "Are you going out with Steve?" You then reply "No,ew, did you go out with Mary?" And then the other person gets embarrassed instead, and all of a sudden you've completely changed the conversation without anyone knowing. HA. SUCKERS.  And because the person who went out with Mary is so embarrassed they completely forget about what they asked you. Simple. Done.

Those are some helpful, tricks of lying. 

**May i just add, LYING IS A VERY NAUGHTY THING TO DO. DO NOT DO IT. (unless you have too, which is quite often, actually.)**

If you ever get caught the only tip I have for you is to run away, somewhere. Yeah.


p.s. I found I had a dimple today.