Monday, December 16, 2013



Today, I was such a good girl I got a pack of jelly beans for my amazing poster which I did (all by myself) about the Government :/ But I didn't win any old pack of jelly beans I won a 'Gourmet' pack. Boom.

The pack of Jelly beans has entertained me. I would say about 80% of the jelly beans in the pack are absolutely GROSS EW DISGUSTING HORRID, like living hell almost. But there are some really nice ones. And it is worth buying a pack defiantly because then you can give the horrid ones to your friends and watch them spit it out.

The first time I had one of the brown ones it was so horrid I had to spit it out into my lunch box all over my banana whilst everyone was staring at my spit dangling into my lunch box. (Sorry you had to read that) So now I cherish the brown ones because it a lovely joke to say "Oh no they taste of chocolate, nothing to worry about my love" then its the most funniest thing watching them go spit it out. I even managed to force my mum to have one of the cinnamon ones (EWWWWWW) and she had to go to the toilet. Now i'm saving it for when my lovely brother gets back so I can squish it into his jacket potato and he can taste the lovely sensation of loveliness.

If you ever get a pack of jelly beans, you're day is going to be GREAT.