Sunday, March 23, 2014

Witch Face Wash And Blemish Sticks Review!

Witch Naturally Clear face wash/spot cream review!

Hello there! Today I'm doing a review on three of the witch products. 
Starting off with the blemish stick on the left, now this one is the same as the middle blemish pen except its a stick. You use it like a lip balm, just push up from underneath and it's ready to use. They both also have different textures, the blemish STICK is like a lip balm texture and the blemish PEN is wet and gooey.

But which one works best?

I would say the blemish  stick works best, it does have a slight burning sensation when I apply it to my face but that may just be the type of skin I have (very dry.) But that does mean it's working to fight off the bacteria that causes the spots. The blemish pen has a brush on the end of it so you just squeeze the tube and then brush it on. This one doesn't hurt when I put it on at all, but I do have to rub it in using my finger after which you don't have to do with the blemish stick.
So I would say my favorite is the Blemish Stick.

Foam Face wash

The face wash is obviously very different to the blemish pen/stick but it does the same thing. It comes in quite a big pot and has a nozzle at the top, which you press down and foam comes out. I think it smells very fresh, perfect to wake you up in the morning and to clear your face at night. The foam doesn't hurt my dry skin and is very easy and quick to wash off. It claims that it 'combats shine' and 'works from first use' and I wouldn't disagree with either, after putting it on at night it does make your face smoother by morning.

 I think it's a very good face wash as are the blemish sticks and I recommend them if you are having trouble with dry skin or spots. If you are interesting in buying these then click HERE.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Soap & Glory HAND FOOD Review!

Soap & Glory Hand Cream Review!

Hey there! Today I thought i'd review the soap and glory hand cream as they seem to think its the best hand cream ever, but is it? Probably.

Soap & Glory's 'Hand Food' is supposed to soothe dry or chapped hands, soften them and make them non-greasy. It is made with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, although it mostly smells of shea butter, not marshmallow, unfortunately:(.

As my hands are very dry and chapped I thought this would be a handy little tube to have around and seeing as Soap & Glory are well recommended I thought i'd give it a shot. I have been using it for a while now and my hands have definitely got smoother and the dryness is slowly going but I do have to use it often. I find as I use anti-bacterial soap daily my hands have been getting more and more chapped so i'm having to use the Hand Food more often. 

For a small tube like the picture above it costs £2.50 or for a larger tube £5.00. I've had my tube for a long time now and it's not running out so I would recommend getting the smaller tube especially if your trying it out. It's great to take out as it well sealed so you can just chuck it into your bag easily. 

The smell could be worked on as it smells like a normal hand cream would, i'm not sure if that's because i've had it a long time though and the smells worn off, if that's possible? But apart from that it does it's job and its a very, very good hand cream. Well done Soap & Glory!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to: Get Inspired!

Being Inspired

I enjoy doing art everyday and love learning new techniques, but I tend to stick to the usual drawing and painting. But I've been getting inspired and decided to do some other types of art!
I've started off by gathering lots of little images and pictures from a huge pile of magazines and making a college on my wall. I tried to get a variety of images so that I would be able to try lots of new things. My hope was that I would be able to interpret these pictures into art and change them to fit my ideas. 
I sorted out buttons and fabrics into colour order so that I could find things easily and quicker. I made a special tray for anything that I liked, weather it was a button or a bit of fluff shaped funny, so that I could use it to inspire me. 

I made sure I used only materials I'd never used before to create images I had in my head. Anything I liked the shape of, I would sketch out, and create. I hope that by becoming more organised I can be able to become inspired easier and start improving new skills!

Hope you can become inspired by this post! WHAT DO YOU DO TO INSPIRE YOURSELF? ♥ 
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'Just Pink' and 'Paradise' Perfumes//Next//

My Favorite Perfumes

Hello! Today I'm going to share with you two of my absolute favorite fragrances. Both are from Next.

Number One

This perfume is called "Just Pink" by Next, and as the name suggests it is a very floral fragrance and is very strong. It smells very fruity and because it is so strong it means that it lasts the whole day, and does not wear off like most other perfumes. It comes in this small 75ml bottle, but don't be fooled by its size, it lasts a long time, i've had this well over 2 months and used it everyday, there's now just under half a bottle left. 

Number Two

This one is called "Paradise" I have absolutely loved this one, this again is a very fruity, floral smell and smells perfect. I was hoping to order some more but unfortunately Next have stopped producing this one to make way for they're new perfumes. But if you do ever see this on Ebay or second hand, it is well worth the buy! It is a heavy bottle for hand bags, but it doesn't stop me.

Another I love by Next is "L'eau Rose" I have tried the free samples and prefer it to "Just Pink" but haven't yet bought it, so hopefully this should be my next buy! I love the Next perfumes because they are all reasonably priced and very fruity and refreshing, they also last the day, which is always a bonus.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Day At Brambles Living Farm Malvern

My Day At Brambles Living Farm

For my D of E i'm helping out at Brambles Farm In Malvern. The farm's aim is to help kids who have had a rough past, from going through depression, or adoption etc. to be able to connect with animals and bond with them, giving them responsibility to look after the animals, that were also once neglected. It gives kid's a safe place where they can get away from home issues and make friends.

It is a lovely little homely farm, with Pigmy goats, ducks, ponies, pigs, rabbits, reahs (small Ostriches), and chickens. The animals have all been brought up by hand and are all very tame so you are aloud to interact with the animals as much as possible. We even sat in the Pigmy goats pen and they came and happily sat on our laps, we were able to sit there cuddling the goats for hours! But we weren't just there to cuddle! We were assigned some jobs to do and had so much fun doing them. I was astonished how much hard work goes into feeding, cleaning, scrubbing, watering, brushing, cuddling etc. every morning, then once you've finished you have to do it all again for the night time! 

The farm is in such a beautiful place just below the Malvern Hills and it's such a peaceful and calm place and what they're doing is so admirable. They have turned the once dark, gloomy battery chicken farm into a happy, healthy beautiful farm, not only helping children that have been neglected but also animals too!

We can't wait to go back again soon!

But for now here's a cute Pigmy Goat to look at!

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