Saturday, December 28, 2013

Argan Oil, Hair care and tips!

Argan Oil Of Morocco & My Hair Care Routine!

After being recommend Argan Oil for my hair many times, I decided I should purchase it. My hair is very dry at the ends, and has a tendency to get split ends often. My friend and hairdresser recommended it to me, and said it would really benefit my type of hair. It's meant to restore your hair, whilst making it shiny, soft and also strengthening it. I looked  for it for ages, but everywhere I looked it seemed to be too expensive- considering it was just a small bottle. In the end I got it from Superdrug  (Click to go check it out) It was less expensive than other place where it was about £6-£10. Or click HERE for American prices ($). 

So far I have been very impressed by it and it has seemed to of reduced split ends. I would really recommend it if you have weak, flat (if "flat" makes sense) hair. Your supposed to massage it into your hair and out to the tips of your hair, whilst your hair is damp. I usually do it when my hair is dry and it still gives a good effect. 

I have recently been trying to grow my hair longer, I have been washing my hair every other day, I know it's best you wash your hair as little as often, but my hair tends to get greasy really quick. I normally use Palmolive natural 2 in 1 hydra balance (fewf!) I think it is dutch so I could only find the euros price, but I got mine in home bargains for about £3, but you can probably get it in places like Boots, Superdrug etc. I sometimes also use Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo (about £2, or , it has a really nice smell and leaves your hair very fluffy. To condition I use the Bee strong conditioner/Tresemm√© conditioner. Both are very good, I prefer the herbal essence one though. I wash my hair before I go to bed so I don't have to use any heat on my hair (Heat is bad, naughty heat.) Then I put on some Argan Oil and plait/braid my hair then go to sleep with towel dried hair. I makes my hair irresistible!;)

What's Your hair care routine?

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