Thursday, December 5, 2013

How To Revise Effectively!

How To Revise!

When it comes to revision I've always been terrible at it. I just never saw the point in it, i usually ended up just doodling instead. (tut tut) A few weeks back, after much persuasion from Mum, I ended up going to a 'How to revise evening' it lasted 2 hours. D: However I did learn a few things that have really helped me, so I thought i'd share them with youuuuuuuuu! 

Tip #1

As cringey as it may sound I reckon that if you record yourself saying the useful facts you need to know and then popping your headphones in and walking round the house listening to it on repeat really helps you to remember it. And you don't have to do much work either or writing....

Tip #2

Grab a huge, huge it of paper. (The bigger the more fun) Just mind map all the things you need to know on to it, do it in colour pens for each different subject, draw plenty of pictures and diagrams and then stick it on your wall next to your bed. Simple. Every time you go to bed just look at a different bit each night.

Tip #3

Draw pictures for everything you write! Pictures help you to remember things (Proven:}) The more pictures the more likely you are to remember it. Yay.

Tip #4

Acting out each topic with your friends, this is fun and will really help you remember the important facts.

Tip #5

Make a powerpoint on the subject then present it to your family, pretend your a teacher, they're learn lots and you're be able to remember it easier, and if there's any questions they ask and you don't know the answer of it then you know what you need to find out.

Tip #6

Stick post-it-notes around your house in places you normally go (e.g. Mirror in the bathroom, on the tv) and then just read them through every time you go past them :}

I hope that my tips could help you! :-) If there's any other good ways of revising then comment them below?:) And perhaps follow me Instagram? @_hanbanana


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