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Tomorrow me and 6 other friends are going paint-balling! I'm looking forward to it, just slightly nervous as I've played lazer tag and I'm a terrible shot. I have done some research on ways to be good at it but made the mistake of googling "has anyone ever died from paint balling" and image searching "paintball injures" (oops.) 

I've figured out as soon as I get into the 'arena' i'm going to pretend i'm in the Hunger Games. Watch out guys, I'm gonna be viscous.

Any tips on paint balling? What to wear? E.t.c (hopefully all the gear should be provided for us there)
I'll let you know what happens:-)


We got up at 8am to go to the paintballing, I was SO excited but the nerves kicked in when we arrived and I saw all the 'tough' looking guys eyeing everyone up and planning tatics. We bought our bullets (£80 for 1000!) and then chose our team colour (red!) We had a long long long breifing by the guys, telling us not to remove our helmets etc... 
After that we all qued up in our body gear to get our guns.(I rekon the guns were bigger than some of the other little kids playing) We walked down to the area where we would play (well actually we slided down to the area, as it was SO SO boggy, almost up to your knees!) After another short breifing, mainly about our helmets being kept on at all times again, we began. 

The whistle blew and off we went.

I tried to stick to my group but gave up as I wanted to survive myself. I was eventully the last man standing with 2 other blues (1 had no bullets though) and one other red. I stayed down and shot the guy right in the head. BOOM. 

Then next game involved a terminaor. He was a guy who wore a skeleton hat and came round and shot you, if you were brave enough to shoot him then you would get one of his cool guns. He was the scariest thing ever. But my friend got the gun :D I did get shot onec in this game because a guy on my team had just got shot and he told me to go and shoot the guy who shot him, I aimed and fired and it went straight past his head, he turned round and shot me, luckily it wasn't too bad. D: 

And our last game involved a castle, there were the blues who were the attackers and us (reds) who were the defenders, the blues had to go capture the flag while we tried to stop them from the castle. It was so much fun hiding behind the walls of the castle then poking your head up and shooting them and paint splattering over the side of the castle. The only problem is all the biys on our team thought I was a boy because of my helmet so they kept coming up to me and going, "alright mate? Is the game over yet?" I just went "ummmmm" :D 

At the end the man said we were the best he's seen that day, and we were far better than the boys. Hell yeah.

After running round in ridiculous suites, tripping of overalls, wallowing in mud, being splattered in paint, getting roasted like a turkey and trying to survive the terminator, I think it was one of the best days of my life.


I'm the sexy one on the right next to the terminator

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