Monday, December 2, 2013

What does it mean to be popular?

Being Popular

I'm not completely sure what 'being popular' really means. Does it mean your friends with everyone? Well then no one can say they're popular. Does being unpopular mean you have no friends? It's quite complicated really. Everyone has at least one friend, even if you don't think you do, there are lots of people who care about you, and are your friend, without you even knowing. (If that makes sense?:/) 

I've never really thought about being 'popular' because well, I have friends so I don't care who knows me and who doesn't. When you really think about it, is popular a good thing? I mean you don't get noticed by people until you've done something wrong.

The definition of popular is 'Be liked or admired by many people' but if you have alot of friends, you also have alot of enemies. So by having a few true friends, you have no enemies. 

Think about all the people you class as popular, what are they like are they attention seeking? Or are they actually really kind?

Everyone who is popular has done something to get there, and it is almost never always a good thing they've done.

If you want to be popular, here's my tip to you:

You don't get noticed until you've done something wrong.

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