Thursday, December 26, 2013

Temple Run Review!

Temple run Review

Recently I downloaded temple run on my kindle fire HD. It was highly recommended and all the ratings were good, once more it was free! So I thought i'd give it a go. I think it's very entertaining and enjoyable, especially as it has 'objectives' that you need to achieve, this gives you a point to actually play it. The graphics are very good, and it hasn't freezed once, which is surprising considering how fast it is. I think the only downside is that the obstacles are much the same, it just gets faster. I think to make it better they should put a variety of sceneries and obstacles. Apart from those minor details I think its a great game, takes a while to get used it and good at, unless your a natural. 

I thought temple run was such a good game, I decided it was worth it downloading temple run 2, the squeal to temple run. It has alot more characters to choose from and alot more power ups, but I find it is harder to get the money (coins, game play money) to buy the characters. Temple run 2 has levels, so they more points and objectives you achieve the more you level up. I really like this feature because it gives you something to aim for. You have 3 objectives that you need to achieve, once you achieve one it swaps it with another new objective to achieve. The actual game is very exciting, it has lots more obstacles and a wider variety of obstacles too. It also has zip wires! The graphics are good, and it does not freeze. But I do think it is slightly slower when turning corners, you swipe to turn the corner and you think your gonna fall of the edge but it turns just before. It also has rivers which you float down and avoid fallen trees and rocks (I find this quite tricky, it is quite fast) And it also has a mine, where your character is in a mine crate thingy-majig and there a several dead ends which you have to swipe and avoid.

I think temple run 2 is alot more exciting, but it is also alot harder, if your not very good at this sort of stuff then I recommend temple run first. 

It is downloadable on any apple device and kindles, but not it's not compatible with android devices:-( However I think they are working on this, so keep checking. It works fine on my kindle fire, however I think on a smaller device, it is a bit too small to see, but that's just my opinion, it still works fine.


TEMPLE RUN 2: 8.5/10

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