Tuesday, January 28, 2014

London Street Art

London Graffiti

Hola! Being a art addict I signed myself up to a art trip to London, thinking it will be nice to look around the art galleries, taking inspiration and staring at them for a hour or so in oar. When we arrived I thought I had go on to the wrong coach, we turned up in the centre of London in a court yard. Only till you got in did you realise the amount of effort gone in to each piece of graffiti around the yard. This wasn't any old graffiti this was hand painted. We toured around London looking at every single piece of Street art we could see. The paintings were amazing and very intelligent too, behind each piece was a story, even if it didn't make sense to anyone else, which I think is very important when you are doing art, there has to be a story behind your work, and it won't make sense to others. People interpret differently to others. 
We did draw some of the art we saw and my absolute favorite was the "Chewing Gum" art work. This is where the intelligence comes in. This is a artist who's canvas is chewing gum, he paints on the chewing gum the scenery he can see, as he's fantastic. But you have to have a good eye to spot it.
It's Uniqueity makes it so good, if you want to be a good artist, I think it's important to stand out and do something different. My other favorite were the stick man graffiti, the artist had painted just plane simple stick men, but each one's expressions were different and you could easily tell what there mood's were by just there body expression, nothing else.
These were my favorites because they are so clever and unique and yet if you showed me a picture of a stick man I wouldn't class it as art. 
All in all I had such a fun day and got so much from it, it's amazing what art you can see when you take a closer look....


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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tangle Teezer Review: Are they reliable?

Tangle Teezer Review!

Hello again! I thought reviewing the tangle teezer would be a good idea, as they seem almost too good to be true? They have become very big and been recommend by loads of fashion/beauty/hair guru's, but my review will be better. Promise.
As a young girl, having long hair, tangles were a common issue with me, I couldn't care for my own hair and usually my parents had better things to do then brush my hair every second. So when the tangle teaser came out, it was literally the only thing I wanted in life, almost as if I would jump off a cliff to get it (Yes, just for a hair brush) At the time it was £10, so not something you would want to spend money on if it wasn't going to work.

How does it work?

The tangle teezer looks like something you'd brush your horse with it is very small, but that's perfect for chucking into a hand-bag and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The reason why the tangle teaser works is because the teeth or bristles are short and are different lengths, this means it does not tug on your hair and your hair will not get caught as it can just slide out. 

I use mine everyday and have done since they first ever came out, I think it is probably the best hair product I have ever bought and is worth the money. The bristles are made out of plastic, and are very flexible however this does mean that after using alot they tend to bend alot, I still don't think this effects the overall result though. 
On really knotty hair days I do use some detangler called Twisted Sister Urban Therapy Which not only works amazingly it also smells nice, and let's be fair, smell is a key. 

Tangle Teezers come in so many different colours, which I think makes it extra cute and pretty!

I hope that you enjoyed this and it helped you somewhat, you can get tangle teezer's from any local drug store, e.g. Boots etc. 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Carmex Lip Balm Review!

Carmex Lip Balm Review!

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of lip balms, I usually have very dry, chapped lips and they always need a bit of TLC! I regularly use the Body Shop's Strawberry Lip balm because it smells so nice, however I have been using it for a while and not noticed much change on my lips. But seriously the smell. Is. To. Die. For.

Anyway, after being recommended Carmex lip balm, I thought I'd give it ago, seeing as there was a offer on at Superdrug (Yes, I go there alot.) 
I bought the strawberry flavoured one and the original. After buying I tried some on and it tingles on your mouth for a while, it felt as if I had huge lips! Atleast it felt as if it was actually doing something. It made my lips really smooth and I hardly even need to use it because it works so well. It also has 15 spf, meaning it protects your lips from the sun! It comes in little squeezey tubes, like the on above, or you can get it in tins, I have both but find the tube is easier to use and you don't need to scoop it out with your finger.
It cost me around £3.50 for two tubes (they were on offer) but they were about £2.60 each, money I think is very worth it.

I would really recommend Carmex if your lips have a tendency to get dry often, because it works so well. So pop down to Boots and treat yourself love!

Check it out here.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

What to wear?!

New Outfit!

I personly find it very hard to be different with what I wear, I tend to wear jeans, hoodie, and t-shirt because thats what everyone else wears so you kind of mould in. But this has got to stop! I deccided that my new years resolution is to be different. So I went out to the shops and bought everything that I liked and was unusual. Suprisingly I found quite alot of stuff even added to my collection of lip balms. 

So this is outfit of the week #1.

This is a very comfy and casual look, the jumper is over sized and very comfy to wear. It is knitted and has quite a rough texture to it. I really like the pattern and it goes really well with black jeans or even a mini skirt and tights.
The jumper flares out at the bottom slightly, something I do kind of dislike but it isn't very noticeable. I did buy it in a size 10, when I am a size 6/8 but it fits fine, although does make you neck slightly cold. I bought this jumper from Next for £24. (Unfortunately could not find it on the Next USA store ($) but if you want to visit that click here.

You can see how it flares at the bottom here. 

I normally have a problem with skinny jeans being too tight and only had one pair which I wore all the time which were tight but easy enough to move in! They were from Primark. I had been looking for some new jeans for a while but everything I had tried on was just too tight, I especially find New Look jeans very tight. These are in fact Jeggings (jeans/leggings, in case you didn't know!) Which I usually really hate, but these look exactly like jeans and are really comfortable. I bought a size 8, but it doesn't really matter because it has elastic around the top. You could buy them in black or blue, I thought black because it would be a change! If you really like these I bought them for £12 from Matalan If any one is wondering my black and white socks (ooo matching coloured socks too!) came from Tesco! They have giraffes and Zebras on (I cannot not buy something if it has giraffes on. Comon.)

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Painting with Acrylic's- How to do an easy, pretty painting!

Yesterday I decided to get my artyfarty hat on and I do some painting! I had always been very inspired to do a painting of  meadow painting because I thought they were just SO pretty and colourful and didn't look too complicated to do! I do alot of painting but I don't usually do much canvas work, I did however manage to find an A4 canvas at the bottom of my artyfarty box, unfortunatly it had a drawing of a rubbish cat on, but I just had to paint over it, luckily you couldn't notice it. I started off by getting a picture up on the computer of a meadow painting, I used this as inspiration. I find it quite tricky to draw straight off I usually have to have something to guide me along the way, I'm not an expert. I started off like this:
I added on the base layers, at the bottom red, getting lighter towards the top, then I added green, then a bit of light blue right at the top. (Again, I appologise for the cat, I did when I was about 10, okay!) You should always try to add the paint from top to bottom, especially if your using an easel, like I am, otherwise the colours will run like shown, this is a perfect example of it! Although I actually quite like the effect it left! Anyway, luckily the colours running didn't really matter for me, as my painting was going to be over the top of that anyway. I then began to add some grass over the top, a sunshine and little white blobs (these were for the base of the flowers.)
I used my finger to do the white blobs, as it was much easier to do than with a paint brush, the blobs may not look good now, but it is a crucial part of the finished picture. At this point I kind of went mad with the paint, flicking different colours of paint over it with my paintbrush, however this actually does make it look really nice and I could see the the paintings of meadows on the internet had flicks of paint on too. I really enjoyed painting it too because it was really easy and if you went wrong, it would add to the picture and make it look nice! That's a bonus by far!
I began to make the flowers more...flower like, on every white blob I added a different colour and decorated it delicately. I also began to added more shades of grass and more to the sky.
I didn't seem to noticed that while I had been happily flick paint all over the picture, I had actually been happily flicking it all over the wall too! I could've hidden it but unfortunately pink, purple, blue and yellow paint doesn't cover up well against a blue wall! Hopefully it would all be worth it though if I was to create a masterpiece! 
After loads of flicking, splating, painting, dabbing, and cleaning my paining was done...
I admit it did almost look like a paint bomb had exploded on a canvas, but I think it's rather good, although I say it myself! I would really recommend having a go at painting this if you haven't had much experience, because I thought it was really easy and had a very nice, colourful effect, just make sure you cover all the walls up first! ;)

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd do a classic happy new year blog today, seeing as it is now 2014! I enjoyed last night staying up to 12:00 and watching the fire works on TV, with the roaring fire and my cuddly cat sat on my lap. (didn't mean to rhyme, i'm just a natural) It's been a good year for me, I have improved on so much, my art skills have improved dramatically, and more things have inspired me to draw and paint more (Specifically one girl on Instagram who's drawings are amazing- @swagigot, be sure to check her out! Perhaps tag me (@_hanbanana) in a comment too, so I know you came from here, that would make me super happy!;D

I have tried to make new year's resolutions in the past but it's just never...worked out for me...But this year I am determined. My new year's resolution is to go to summer in the city next August (I think?) I don't know if this technically qualifies as a new year's resolution, but I think it does. Shhh. I'm already so excited for the summer as last years (2013's) was the best time ever. Another resolution of mine, is to continue blogging weekly, I don't want to ever give up, I think the most important part of blogging is that you shouldn't give up, no matter how many people are reading, if you can help one person then your blog is worthwhile. I hope that this time next year my blog will have grown and i'll be able to post more lovely stuff! ;)

I hope that everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR and if 2013 hasn't been your year I hope that you can make 2014 better! ;) May the odds be ever in your favor, good bye. (sorry, had to add that in!)