Monday, December 9, 2013

Things that are bad for me.

Not Good.

I thought i'd discuss things that are bad for me but I can't help but do anyway! 

Firstly, too much Youtube, I think I spend roughly 3 hours a day on Youtube, yeah. I try to force myself to stop but then I start to watch one little video thinking "ah only this one" then there's a link to another video and I just HAVE to watch it! My Mum says my eyes will go square, but then i'd probably become famous if they did for being 'The first girl with square eyes' so I don't see how that's a bad thing. Anyway.

Secondly, food. I love food, I have a healthy lunchbox.(Which I do not pack, other wise it wouldn't be healthy ey) So that means at school everyone's like "Aw your so healthy" and i'm there like "thank you thank you, yes, I am." But what they don't know is that as soon as I get home I can stuff my face with junk because I feel so good about myself for being healthy throughout the day:D I'll literally eat anything I can find.Kind of. Depends actually.

Thirdly, my laptop. Laptops are probably my worst. Not only am I hugely unsociable when I have my laptop but when I've been on it for too long I go into a sort of zone, where if anyone comes to talk to me I get really really angry, and usually end up arguing with them, just because NO ONE CAN DISTURB ME when i'm in laptop zone. I get evil.

Fourthly, Thursdays. Yes, Thursdays not the classic "Monday" because I actually LOVE MONDAYS they always seem to go right for me, but Thursdays just get in the way of Fridays and I am always very grumpy. I'm not quite sure what it is but there you go.

Fifthly, my friends. I figured if I wasn't talking to my friends (texting) then I would totally get to bed 100% earlier, I always feel as if I don't want to leave them hangin' so I have to wait till they reply, which means I spend hours lying there waiting. ("Hours" was a bit of an exaggeration, I'm not that patient, really only a few minutes, shh) 

Sixth-ly (Is sixth-ly even something?) Instagram, I usually get so bored and desperate for someone to like my photos or follow me that I just sort of sit there pressing the 'refresh' button until something happens (You don't realise how sad that really is until you type it, hmm) I think this would be a great time to tell you to follow me too (sly) Boom. @_hanbanana

Seventhly, Revision. I recently posted a blog on 'GOOD WAYS TO REVISE' Because i've never been good at it. (That doesn't really make sense, but check it out anyway) I think revision is bad for me personally because I have a brain like a peanut, and I just forget it by the next day anyway so might as well not waste my time and eat instead. (I'm making myself out as if i'm a really big eater, I don't actually eat that much)

I could go on forever but, I can't.
Hope you enjoyed this! Please leave comments about things that are bad for you! I'd really love to hear from you, because i'm lonely?
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