Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Of My Unluckiest Moments

Being Unlucky

I thought after finding a four leaf clover I would be lucky for life, turns out that they don't help you at all. So here I thought I would tell you some of my truly unlucky moments in life.

Unlucky Moment number 1: It was about 7am I was in bed, just snoozing away, and then I heard a massive "CLONCK, CHING, PING" I lifted my head up, looked around the room (looking like a zombie) then I went back to sleep.-_- A few hours later (9am) I wake up, step out of bed, and realise that all around me chocolate all over my practically white carpet, and my cat sat next to it licking her paws. I had to spend the rest of my morning scrubbing the floor of gone off hot chocolate (it had been there for about 4 days) I did try to blame it on the cat but NO they said it was all my fault. I did go a whole morning trying to ignore the bundle of fluff but she was just too cute so it didn't last! Here's a cheeky little picture of her. (She would not stay still so I had to hold her up to the camera, please note I am not torturing her in any way. I still don't think we got her best side here.)

Unlucky Moment Number 2:  It was on my party (10th) We were all on the trampoline (about 5 of us) and we were all doing front rolls, yes, just normal front rolls. But I said "Oh front rolls are so boring i'm going do a flip" they were outstanded by what I had said so there I was all pleased with myself like 'look at me, look at me yeah flips boosh, suckers' but then a I was trying to do it my leg came up to my face and wacked me in the nose, and I winded myself -_- Great! And there I was for the rest of my party all in a grump because they were laughing at me. 

Unlucky Moment Number 3:The window in my bedroom overlooks our garden and part of next doors. One day I was just sat on my bed, as you do and I hear loads of noise and music and voices from next door, so I get up to look out the window, I see them all having wine and other adulty drinks, I sort of look at them for a while until one of the girls looks straight at me, I didn't think she was looking at me until she pokes the person next to her and then points at me, all of a sudden all the people are staring at me. I run off.

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