Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ketchup Clouds By Annabel Pitcher Review

Ketchup Clouds By Annabel Pitcher Review

I've just finished reading Ketchup Clouds, and seeing as I loved it so much I thought a review was in order! 
Its a great book about a girl named 'Zoe.' The story is told in a series of letters she writes to a man she does not know who has done similar things to what she has done. The story is based around love and lies, Zoe falls in love with a boy called Max and then meets his brother and ends up falling in love with him, but she does not admit to seeing them both and it all goes upside-down. 

The way the book is written, in a series of letters, does make it hard to understand at the beginning but I soon got into the book and could not put it down! I really recommend it for ages 11-20, but no younger. 
I think it worth reading and the ending made me cry! 

5/5. Go on, buy it. I hope to read Annabel's other book 'My sister Lives on The Mantel Piece' next but am half way through 'The fault in our stars' By John Green, although i'm not really enjoying it as much as everyone else is, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading! Follow me?


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