Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Day At Brambles Living Farm Malvern

My Day At Brambles Living Farm

For my D of E i'm helping out at Brambles Farm In Malvern. The farm's aim is to help kids who have had a rough past, from going through depression, or adoption etc. to be able to connect with animals and bond with them, giving them responsibility to look after the animals, that were also once neglected. It gives kid's a safe place where they can get away from home issues and make friends.

It is a lovely little homely farm, with Pigmy goats, ducks, ponies, pigs, rabbits, reahs (small Ostriches), and chickens. The animals have all been brought up by hand and are all very tame so you are aloud to interact with the animals as much as possible. We even sat in the Pigmy goats pen and they came and happily sat on our laps, we were able to sit there cuddling the goats for hours! But we weren't just there to cuddle! We were assigned some jobs to do and had so much fun doing them. I was astonished how much hard work goes into feeding, cleaning, scrubbing, watering, brushing, cuddling etc. every morning, then once you've finished you have to do it all again for the night time! 

The farm is in such a beautiful place just below the Malvern Hills and it's such a peaceful and calm place and what they're doing is so admirable. They have turned the once dark, gloomy battery chicken farm into a happy, healthy beautiful farm, not only helping children that have been neglected but also animals too!

We can't wait to go back again soon!

But for now here's a cute Pigmy Goat to look at!

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