Monday, February 17, 2014

My favorite folk/pop bands

My Favorite Artists and songs

Lately I've been listening to more and more music, I can't do anything on my laptop without something playing in the background. The five artists I'm absolutely loving at the moment are:

Especially counting stars and Something I need, I think music just does not get better than One Republic, they never fail to make me happy, they're songs are very easy to rave too! My advice, if your listening to them turn your volume up high and dance. It will make you feel 10x better after a rough day!

I'm a bit of a new fan to Arctic Monkey's but after going to a friends house and having it turned up highest possible on repeat for a long time, I turned to love them! My favorite is 'Do I wanna know' It isn't the happy-est of songs but I absolutely love listening to it, it's well worth it!

I haven't listening to many of they're songs but am in love with 'Chocolate' By them. This song is mostly about sex and drugs, but the songs still worth listening too! Don't judge it, it's not that depressing!

I love they're guitary/folky style and all there songs never fail to impress me. They're hard not to love really. 

My favorite is by far, 'I will wait' It's a folk song, which is very well known and well worth listening to.

These are my top 5 favorite bands, I really recommend listening to them, thank you for reading leave your fav bands in the comments below! 


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