Sunday, January 12, 2014

What to wear?!

New Outfit!

I personly find it very hard to be different with what I wear, I tend to wear jeans, hoodie, and t-shirt because thats what everyone else wears so you kind of mould in. But this has got to stop! I deccided that my new years resolution is to be different. So I went out to the shops and bought everything that I liked and was unusual. Suprisingly I found quite alot of stuff even added to my collection of lip balms. 

So this is outfit of the week #1.

This is a very comfy and casual look, the jumper is over sized and very comfy to wear. It is knitted and has quite a rough texture to it. I really like the pattern and it goes really well with black jeans or even a mini skirt and tights.
The jumper flares out at the bottom slightly, something I do kind of dislike but it isn't very noticeable. I did buy it in a size 10, when I am a size 6/8 but it fits fine, although does make you neck slightly cold. I bought this jumper from Next for £24. (Unfortunately could not find it on the Next USA store ($) but if you want to visit that click here.

You can see how it flares at the bottom here. 

I normally have a problem with skinny jeans being too tight and only had one pair which I wore all the time which were tight but easy enough to move in! They were from Primark. I had been looking for some new jeans for a while but everything I had tried on was just too tight, I especially find New Look jeans very tight. These are in fact Jeggings (jeans/leggings, in case you didn't know!) Which I usually really hate, but these look exactly like jeans and are really comfortable. I bought a size 8, but it doesn't really matter because it has elastic around the top. You could buy them in black or blue, I thought black because it would be a change! If you really like these I bought them for £12 from Matalan If any one is wondering my black and white socks (ooo matching coloured socks too!) came from Tesco! They have giraffes and Zebras on (I cannot not buy something if it has giraffes on. Comon.)

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Thank you guys


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