Friday, January 3, 2014

Painting with Acrylic's- How to do an easy, pretty painting!

Yesterday I decided to get my artyfarty hat on and I do some painting! I had always been very inspired to do a painting of  meadow painting because I thought they were just SO pretty and colourful and didn't look too complicated to do! I do alot of painting but I don't usually do much canvas work, I did however manage to find an A4 canvas at the bottom of my artyfarty box, unfortunatly it had a drawing of a rubbish cat on, but I just had to paint over it, luckily you couldn't notice it. I started off by getting a picture up on the computer of a meadow painting, I used this as inspiration. I find it quite tricky to draw straight off I usually have to have something to guide me along the way, I'm not an expert. I started off like this:
I added on the base layers, at the bottom red, getting lighter towards the top, then I added green, then a bit of light blue right at the top. (Again, I appologise for the cat, I did when I was about 10, okay!) You should always try to add the paint from top to bottom, especially if your using an easel, like I am, otherwise the colours will run like shown, this is a perfect example of it! Although I actually quite like the effect it left! Anyway, luckily the colours running didn't really matter for me, as my painting was going to be over the top of that anyway. I then began to add some grass over the top, a sunshine and little white blobs (these were for the base of the flowers.)
I used my finger to do the white blobs, as it was much easier to do than with a paint brush, the blobs may not look good now, but it is a crucial part of the finished picture. At this point I kind of went mad with the paint, flicking different colours of paint over it with my paintbrush, however this actually does make it look really nice and I could see the the paintings of meadows on the internet had flicks of paint on too. I really enjoyed painting it too because it was really easy and if you went wrong, it would add to the picture and make it look nice! That's a bonus by far!
I began to make the flowers more...flower like, on every white blob I added a different colour and decorated it delicately. I also began to added more shades of grass and more to the sky.
I didn't seem to noticed that while I had been happily flick paint all over the picture, I had actually been happily flicking it all over the wall too! I could've hidden it but unfortunately pink, purple, blue and yellow paint doesn't cover up well against a blue wall! Hopefully it would all be worth it though if I was to create a masterpiece! 
After loads of flicking, splating, painting, dabbing, and cleaning my paining was done...
I admit it did almost look like a paint bomb had exploded on a canvas, but I think it's rather good, although I say it myself! I would really recommend having a go at painting this if you haven't had much experience, because I thought it was really easy and had a very nice, colourful effect, just make sure you cover all the walls up first! ;)

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