Monday, January 13, 2014

Carmex Lip Balm Review!

Carmex Lip Balm Review!

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of lip balms, I usually have very dry, chapped lips and they always need a bit of TLC! I regularly use the Body Shop's Strawberry Lip balm because it smells so nice, however I have been using it for a while and not noticed much change on my lips. But seriously the smell. Is. To. Die. For.

Anyway, after being recommended Carmex lip balm, I thought I'd give it ago, seeing as there was a offer on at Superdrug (Yes, I go there alot.) 
I bought the strawberry flavoured one and the original. After buying I tried some on and it tingles on your mouth for a while, it felt as if I had huge lips! Atleast it felt as if it was actually doing something. It made my lips really smooth and I hardly even need to use it because it works so well. It also has 15 spf, meaning it protects your lips from the sun! It comes in little squeezey tubes, like the on above, or you can get it in tins, I have both but find the tube is easier to use and you don't need to scoop it out with your finger.
It cost me around £3.50 for two tubes (they were on offer) but they were about £2.60 each, money I think is very worth it.

I would really recommend Carmex if your lips have a tendency to get dry often, because it works so well. So pop down to Boots and treat yourself love!

Check it out here.


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