Tuesday, January 28, 2014

London Street Art

London Graffiti

Hola! Being a art addict I signed myself up to a art trip to London, thinking it will be nice to look around the art galleries, taking inspiration and staring at them for a hour or so in oar. When we arrived I thought I had go on to the wrong coach, we turned up in the centre of London in a court yard. Only till you got in did you realise the amount of effort gone in to each piece of graffiti around the yard. This wasn't any old graffiti this was hand painted. We toured around London looking at every single piece of Street art we could see. The paintings were amazing and very intelligent too, behind each piece was a story, even if it didn't make sense to anyone else, which I think is very important when you are doing art, there has to be a story behind your work, and it won't make sense to others. People interpret differently to others. 
We did draw some of the art we saw and my absolute favorite was the "Chewing Gum" art work. This is where the intelligence comes in. This is a artist who's canvas is chewing gum, he paints on the chewing gum the scenery he can see, as he's fantastic. But you have to have a good eye to spot it.
It's Uniqueity makes it so good, if you want to be a good artist, I think it's important to stand out and do something different. My other favorite were the stick man graffiti, the artist had painted just plane simple stick men, but each one's expressions were different and you could easily tell what there mood's were by just there body expression, nothing else.
These were my favorites because they are so clever and unique and yet if you showed me a picture of a stick man I wouldn't class it as art. 
All in all I had such a fun day and got so much from it, it's amazing what art you can see when you take a closer look....


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