Friday, February 7, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review!

Dry shampoo is something I need daily, with school being so dam early I don't find the time to wash my hair in the morning, so if I have a bad hair day dry shampoo is the way forward. I have had the Batiste dry shampoo "cool and crisp" version for a very long time now and have been on and off using it. 

Dry Shampoo didn't appeal to me, because of course, washing your hair is always going to have better effects, but as the product was very well-recommended I went for it! At the time the choice of "smells" was limited so I decided to go for the cool and crisp.

 Does It work?

I'm not too keen on it in my opinion. It does work but the effects don't last for the whole day, I suggest though if you do want it to work for a longer period of time that you use quite alot of it. 

On the bottle it does says to spray it 30cm away from your hair and on the under layers of your hair too, however if you do spray it too close to your head the spray stuff can't spread out enough and it makes your hair white, it's also quite a nuisance to get out, unless you use water. It does make your hair smell good though, but it doesn't last for the day. 
I don't particully like this product and don't think it works that well, but it does change the way your hair feels and does make it softer, but not for long enough! 

If your hair is greasy and you do have time to wash it then obviously that is always going to be the better option but if you have no time then I would recommend it just in case you need a freshen up. They have also brought out a cherry 'flavoured?' dry shampoo, which seems pretty cool, so i'm hoping to try that, maybe with more success! If you are interested in the Batiste products then click HERE to go to their website, but first leave comments and follow me!

Thank you for reading hope it helped:-)


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