Friday, November 29, 2013

The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games!

So recently the new Hunger Games 'Catching Fire' came out! After waiting at least a year(?) for the film, i thought it was absolutely AMAZING! 
If you don't already know the base line of the series then here's the basics:

The hunger games is about a place called Panem that is controlled by the capitol. Each year as punishment the capitol chooses one girl and one boy from each of the 12 districts and send them into an arena and they fight to death until only one person remains alive. The story is based around a girl called Katniss from district 12, she hunts with her close friend Gale to get food to feed her family. 

At the reaping (Where a boy and a girl, from each district gets chosen to go to the arena) Katniss's sister gets chosen. Katniss volenteers in her sisters spot, and another boy called Peeta gets picked.

They're mentor Haymitch guides them and teaches them all they need to know before going to the arena.

(Dun dun derr)

Won't say anymore but i'm sure most people know the idea! 

Anyway, I went to watch the film a week back, and I thought it was better than the first one? What's your opinions? However I still think the books are better! I don't know about you, but I get annoyed when bits of the book get missed out in the film, but I guess it'd be too long other wise.

I would DEFIANTLY recommend seeing it (if you haven't already!) REALLY REALLY looking forward to the last one! Shame we're gonna have to wait again!
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