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Firstly, welcome to my new blog:-)
I'm hoping to blog about: Fashion, (would say beauty, but unfortunately, I cannot do makeup) advice, confidence, music, and HAPPINESS! :-)

As Christmas is only 25 DAYS AWAY! I'd thought I'd blog about the thing I have most on my mind. What I really want for Christmas. The problem with Christmas is that, throughout the year you have loads of ideas of what you want for Christmas, then a few weeks away, with all the excitement, you ...completely forget what you wanted...and are left worrying that your not gonna get any presents.

But Do Not worry! Here are some ideas of Christmas presents. (These are only my opinions, if you don't like it...don't buy it!;]) I am a girl, so it's hard to think what a boy might want but i'll try suggest a few gifts too:)
Hope this helps!:-)

I'm not sure about you but, I really want this, I have no idea why but I think it's really cool. So yeah..I guess that's a good reason:-) And for only £19.70, whats not to like.....So if you're 'unique' and want this for Christmas check out this:

This really cute donkey onesie! Is it just me? Or is this like the cutest thing! From amazon, I think this would be a really cute gift idea! And looks so cozy! And only £20! If you want to be cute and cozy check out this!:

Kindle Fire HD
Okay, so in my opinion tablets are great! I would have to admit though that I think an ipad is the best tablet, but they are expensive, the kindle fire is only £120! (Okay quite expensive) But still? Pretty good in my opinion, Also check out the other kindle's!

Okay so, people have different opinions on clothes, but I think that this is a really cute little pinafore, which could even be worn in winter! You can't see on this picture but it actually has little blue and white strips on it! If you put a top underneath, a wolley cardigan on top, a scarf, tights, and boots you'd be all set for winter! And it's on SALE for only £15 right now at Topshop!

This is the best! More of a boys toy but I still want it. A remote control helicopter! It is for indoor use only, but is light weight and comes in different colours and I think this is such a good buy for only £15.21 from Amazon:-)

WOW! If you love Doctor Who (I don't much :/) BUT EYYY it's a sonic screwdriver! It not only comes with......light but also with sound, and for someone who doesn't really love Dr Who, I would get this!
 :-) kinda love amazon!)

A slush Maker. Just thought it's cool, so yeah..:-) Makes slush......and that's yummy!:-) Quite expensive but i'm sure it's worth it as it's very good quality! Check it out?


This is a good 'stocking filler' i guess:-) I've been looking at this for quite a while, still don't understand how it works. But it's a sound asleep imusic pillow, it plays music while you sleep, so you don't have to use headphones! Music and sleep at the same time. Okay. This is a must too.

Mr Afro Nose and Ear Trimmer
A cool gift for a dad. Well, my Dad anyway. It made me Lol, so I thought i'd add it. Very cheap too, so why not? Such a lovely gift.


If all of this fails, just buy them chocolate, most people like chocolate, don't they? Yes. And this picture yum. Chocolate comes from most shops.

So, I hope i've gave you a few ideas:-) I hope you liked my first blog! Please let me know what you think, and if I should do more in the comment(if you can do comments, i'm not sure!):D
See you soon!
I'd also love to hear what you want for Christmas!

HANNAH:-) <3

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