Saturday, November 30, 2013

Growing your hair!

How to grow your hair!

I've been trying to grow my hair now for a few months, and it is slowly growing longer, almost down to the hips now, so I've been looking up lots and lots of different ways to grow your hair faster, and I thought i'd tell you what I found out:-)

1)  Keeping you hair tied up in a braid/plait. This stops the ends of your hair from getting damaged, therefore it grows quicker. However there are lots of people who feel self-concious with they're hair tied up (I do) But just say to your friends: "I'm growing my hair, okay, so shh." :-)

2) When you are conditioning your hair, massage it in well, all round your head, this increases the blood flow to the follicles and, volia!

3) Apparently using olive oil helps, here are the steps:-

1. take some olive oil and pour some into small container

2. heat it up for 30 seconds 

3. apply it to all your roots using your fingers 

4. hang your head upside down for 4 minutes (this will help stimulate blood flow which helps hair grow)  

5. leave it in for 2 hours then wash hair like you normally do 

6. do this everyday for a week and you should start seeing results that same week or 2 weeks after.

4)Have a healthy diet! Eat lots of proteins (eggs) and vitamins, (like orange juice-VC)

5) I haven't personally tried this but Biotin   helps your hair and skin look healthier and your 
hair grow. Roughly £6 (uk) Or I think you can get them in Walmart in the vitamin section (usa)

6)Try to take showers at night time, so you can avoid using the hair dryer (heat damages hair!)

7) Have your hair trimmed regulary (every month or so) Therefore protects you from getting split ends and your hair not growing:(

8)Drink lots of water! It flushes out the toxins in you hair, easy method!:-)

I hope some of these have helped, they have certainly helped me!

If you still need some more ideas then check out these links below:

Please leave comments! And let me know what you do to grow your hair?


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