Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Shy

Confidence, shyness, self esteem.

Being shy is very common, over 40% off people describe themselves as being shy. You may not really notice your shy, you might just see yourself as normal. From a very young age I have been very shy, I get nervous when going to parties (even if i'm close friends to everyone there) I didn't enjoy talking to strangers/people I didn't know very well, or people of authority (e.g. Teachers, policemen e.c.t) 

For alot of people it isn't a hugely bad thing, unless it stops us from doing stuff you want to do. I think a huge part of being shy is the fact that lots of people just don't want to be a show off, or seen as a 'attention seeker' I can completely understand this. However you could be shy because of something that's happened to you, like getting rejected or bullied. 

I never found shyness that big a problem for me, I had close friends, and I was never forced to meet new people regularly. But if it completely stops you from being your self and your constantly trying to be someone else, it makes you upset :-(

Shy people are usually very thoughtful friends, if everyone was loud and noisy they'd just be annoying. Being shy is DEFIANTLY not a bad thing at all, and you ARE NOT THE only one! 

People who are shy, tend to feel lonely sometimes and they will always settle for second best, and not get what they want, usually because they're too embarrassed to say anything.


Being shy isn't something that can just go away, it's sort of like a fear (e.g. If you're scared of spiders, you cant make yourself not scared of them without practice, and facing one) It will take a while for your confidence to gradually increase, it won't happen over night. Just make friends, then make friends with they're friends then eventually your get used to it.


In Primary school, I was always a shy person, but had plenty of caring friends, I did briefly get bullied when i was about 10, but I made good friends with her friend and she eventually began to get bored -.- I never ever stuck up for myself though, it was impossible, bullies always make them self seem BIG and scary, and as if you'd never talk back to them with out getting hit or something, but if you do stick up for yourself (Maybe get your friends to help you, if  you're worried) they will stop. 
During class 3 I had 3 very good friends but then, 2 of them moved away, it made me very upset but I still had my other friend. We became closer than ever, but when I moved to year 6, she moved schools too:-( 
I made friends again with my other friend who I had been friends with for ages, just we weren't very close, we had always had arguments when we were younger (I think this also led to me being shy too) we became such good friends and I ended up becoming friends with her friend, she was a very loud person, and had loads of confidence, she was the one who got me over my shyness, up to this day i am so grateful for that girl, I was able to go to secondary school and make loads of new friends and be HAPPY:-) I am still friends with both of them and they're the best-est friends I could wish for.

Sorry for waffling on, but if you have problems with shyness you are not the only one, never pull yourself down, it only gets better! I hope my tips could help you.♥ 


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