Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to: Get Inspired!

Being Inspired

I enjoy doing art everyday and love learning new techniques, but I tend to stick to the usual drawing and painting. But I've been getting inspired and decided to do some other types of art!
I've started off by gathering lots of little images and pictures from a huge pile of magazines and making a college on my wall. I tried to get a variety of images so that I would be able to try lots of new things. My hope was that I would be able to interpret these pictures into art and change them to fit my ideas. 
I sorted out buttons and fabrics into colour order so that I could find things easily and quicker. I made a special tray for anything that I liked, weather it was a button or a bit of fluff shaped funny, so that I could use it to inspire me. 

I made sure I used only materials I'd never used before to create images I had in my head. Anything I liked the shape of, I would sketch out, and create. I hope that by becoming more organised I can be able to become inspired easier and start improving new skills!

Hope you can become inspired by this post! WHAT DO YOU DO TO INSPIRE YOURSELF? ♥ 
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